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Specialty Timber Update (Victoria)

20th December 2023

The Victorian Government recently announced more detail about its Community Forestry Support Package, as it transitions away from native timber harvesting in the state. The package includes compensation for redundant plant equipment, and worker redundancies.

As part of this announcement, the Allan Government indicated its support for very small amounts of specialty timber supply.

Minister for the Environment, Steve Dimopoulos, said in a statement “Since the Victorian Forestry Plan was first announced in 2019, we have made sure small amounts of supply is available for niche products such as instrument-making.”

The implementation of licenses for “limited and very small-scale felling” will be considered over the next six months.

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WRC-23 update: Spectrum saved for broadcasting & wireless devices

19th December 2023

The World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-23) was held in Dubai from 20th November-15th December, 2023. The issue that could potentially affect our industry was Agenda item 1.5: to review the spectrum use and spectrum needs of existing services in the frequency band 470-960 MHz in Region 1 and consider possible regulatory actions in the frequency band 470‑694 MHz in Region 1 on the basis of the review in accordance with Resolution 235 (WRC‑15).
This is the frequency band used for wireles audio devices.
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Executive Officer Update – October 2023

27th October 2023

I have spent some time out and about, meeting members and other friends of the AMA. Last wednesday I attended the COSBOA Council Day, the AMA is an active member of this peak body for small business associations. I caught up with CEO Luke Achterstraat, a leading advocate for small business in Australia and a guitarist who loves to go to his local music store. Continue reading