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Spectrum Update: WRC Agenda Item 1.5

25th August 2023

The World Radiocommunications Conference will be held later this year (WRC-23) and will as usual consider a wide range of telecommunications and spectrum management issues.

There is one agenda item of particular interest to the music products industry, item 1.5 relating to the 470-694 MHz frequency band in Region 1 (Europe / Africa). This covers the frequency range (520 to 694 MHz) currently available for broadcast in Australia, and devices such as wireless microphones. Continue reading

National Retail Association and Australian Music Association Form Powerful Alliance

20th July 2023

The National Retail Association, Australia’s most representative retail industry organisation, and the Australian Music Association, the renowned industry body for the music products sector, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership aimed at supporting, informing and representing the retailers and wholesaler’s landscape. This exciting collaboration brings together two industry leaders with a shared vision to support and represent members of the Retail Industry.

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AMA Presidency

13th July 2023

On Monday 10th July, Anthony Ursino gave notice that he would be stepping down from the role of President, and the board, effective immediately. The AMA board is schedule to meet in August and the AGM is scheduled for 18th October, Vice President Warrick Baker has agreed to step into the role in the interim, the board will make a decision in August about whether to appoint a new President for the period leading up to the AGM (where the role will be open for nominations anyway).

The convention is that President and Vice President positions are held for two years at a time, although the limit under the Constitution is longer than this.  This coming AGM marks the end of that two year cycle and under normal circumstances, and Anthony’s intentions, there would have been a change of leadership in October.

Thanks to Anthony for his tireless work for the AMA during his almost two years as President, and two years as Vice President before that. His commitment to moving the association forward, representing the interests of retailers, willingness to ask big questions, and determination to bring in new voices either within the board or in consultation with other members, has resonated with all of the AMA’s work during a period of considerable change.

– Alex Masso, Executive Officer.

Market Report 2022: Executive Summary

2022 Market Report: Summary

Economic snapshot




Economic Growthi




Unemployment Rate




Cash Rate Targetii

0.1% (Jan)

3.10% (Dec)



Wage Price Indexiii





26.27 million

25.75 million

25.68 million

Consumer Price Indexv




Throughout 2022 the Australian economy entered a period of increasing inflation and interest rates, creating difficult conditions for retail trade in consumer products. Unemployment fell below 4% early in the year and stayed there, reaching a low point of 3.4% and ending the year at 3.5%.i Wages increased at a faster pace than usual, with the Wage Price Index moving above 3% for the first time in almost 10 years. However, higher wages and low unemployment were matched with higher interest rates, with the RBA cash rate moving from 0.1% to 3.1%, and consumer price index reaching a high point of 7.8%. Continue reading

Senate Inquiry into the National Cultural Policy

Updated 19th July, 2023

The Senate References Committee for Environment and Communications is holding an inquiry into the National Cultural Policy. The AMA has written submissions to the initial consultation, and to this inquiry, offering constructive suggestions for policies that would benefit members and progress the AMA’s interest in more music makers. Continue reading

Australian Success at the 2023 NAMM Show

20th April 2023 – Alex Masso

Fang Lui (The Piano Fantasy) with Alex Masso (AMA) at the Australian Reception

AMA members were well represented at the 2023 NAMM Show, held at its regular home of the Anaheim Convention Center in the off-schedule month of April.  This year’s event was widely understood to be a ‘stepping stone’ back to the regular schedule and scale of a January NAMM Show, which will return on 25th-28th January 2024. It also marked a transitional moment as Joe Lamond’s last show, and last month, as CEO and President, a position he has held for two decades as only the third NAMM CEO since 1948.

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